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Thursday, November 24, 2011

The research proposal cases of exposure varied significantly, there were cases resulting from single exposure whereas most of the research proposal reports indicated prolonged exposure. However, whether, the sample research paper exposure is single or prolonged, it disables the hearing capability of an individual.

In limiting the hearing loss, there are research proposal legislations, which seek to protect the workers from the harmful health effects of exposure to noise. Some of the legislative requirements include; workers compensation and the research proposal Mines Safety and Inspection Act of 1994.

Notably, the research proposal workers compensation was a strategy that the Australian government launched, to ensure that the research proposal mine workers who lost their hearing ability received compensation from their employers. After launching the strategy in 1991, approximately, 89,500 workers who were exposed to noise went for hearing test. Indeed, the workers who suffered hearing loss were paid between $75 and $603, research papers.

            In relation to the research proposal problem of hearing loss, as provided for under the Act, the companies operating the mining industry were expected regulate the amount of noise produced in the industry. As well, they had to provide the workers with safety equipment, needed to protect them from the effect of noise. For example, the recommended ear masks that could protect the machine operators from intense sound that they worked under (National Occupation research proposal Health and Safety Commission.

Considering the ways in which the research proposal company controlled the hazards, I believe that the mining company has put adequate measures to control the risks that the workers may face in the research proposal workplace. For example, they provide a range of protective research essay equipment that the workers need in carrying out the mining activities.