How to Become a Professional Essay Writer

Monday, April 22, 2013

Essay writing is a skill, one need to acquire it with lots of efforts and hard work. Nowadays, professional essay writers are getting highly paid jobs due their effective writing skills. They get assignment from the students of different college and universities to write essays for their custom papers. If you are a newbie writer and you would like to make a career in this writing field, we will provide you knowledge that would help you to write essays for custom papers.

  • Be Specific with Your Topic Selection

The formula of writing an informative essay lies in its topic. Choose a topic that can grab readers’ attention. Instead of choosing a vast topic, select something particular. Like instead of choosing African tribes in general, choose any particular tribe of Africa. This will keep your writing focused and controlled on what to write and how much to write. This will keep your writing controlled, give it structure and help you define your thesis.

  • Filter Your Idea

When you start writing, you might have so many things to write about the particular topic. Jot down all the points on a paper. Categorize them according to your heading. Follow the skip and skim technique and write what is interesting and informative. Your first draft might be too lengthy but the skill is to refine it to the manageable size while doing justice with the topic.

  • Locate Good Sources

Next job is to find sources for your reference and citation. Your sources can be books, web pages, periodicals or journals. Try to avoid tertiary sources, such as Wikipedia because these kind of sources are not greatly acclaimed by the colleges.

  • Writing Style  and Formatting

Revise and format your paper according to your required style. You should be having a complete know how that which writing and citation style needs to be followed. Whether, it is Chicago, APA or MLA or Harvard writing style. You should be well aware about the proper format and draft your work according to that.