Writing a Biography Essay

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Biography is a detailed description of someone’s life. Other than explaining education, life, relations and death of any person, biography also portrays the subject experience of certain event and happenings. There is no way to compare any biography with profile or a resume as this channel of information highlights life history and important events of ones life.

Biography can be considered as a comprehensive and intimate detail about experience and to some extent it masterfully explains the personality of any individual. Most of the biographies are non factious as they are based upon real life events and truly represents any iconic figure. Biography is a diverse media of information as it can oscillate between literature to films and other genres of literature.

In order to write a biography about any individuals, writers need to carry out extensive research work regarding that object or figure. 18th century is best known for English literature in terms of biographies and other multimedia forms of biographies like short films or documentaries. A biography is written by any essay writer on any iconic figure; however autobiographies are written by subject him-herself. One in depth biographical coverage of any personality is known as legacy writing. Biography is an actual representation of personality, life style, achievements, of an individual written in most precisely and chronological manner. The concept of biographies was started during the World War I and with the passage of time; this writing medium has undergone extensive improvement and development.

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